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A toast to Chiller Maintenance and summer heat

Posted by Tim Davis on Jun 22, 2020 2:27:34 PM
Tim Davis


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Things to do… and get SWAG!

System Audit

Ever wonder if you have enough chilling power? We can do a full audit of your system and tell you approximately how many BTUs per hour you have and what you need to meet your demand. If you have a glycol system, you want us to take care of it for you. A good amount of our work is fixing what someone else did. What works in other installs doesn’t work in a glycol system.

We can do this over the phone or in person. Reach out and we can make sure you’re on track for your 2020 goals.

We do full CAD designed and engineered installs. Tanktemp, one group from start to finish.

Fill out our BTU Audit here: BTU Audit


Update Your Info
Are we getting your general email when we should be sending to your direct email? Is the person we are emailing no longer there? Are we following each other on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter?

Click here to update your contact information: Update Your Information


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ALL Oregon, Washington, and Northern California (as far as Napa area).
Local area is 100 miles from the shop in Dundee, Oregon. We always have local support.

We will be in

  • Hood River June 15th-19th
  • Eugene the 22nd -26th ( 2 openings available )
  • Local 29th -2nd. *Closed for the 3rd of July ( 3 openings )
  • Local 6-10th ( 5 openings )
  • Local 13th-18th ( 5 openings )
  • 20th - 24th we are in Northern Cal. ( 4 openings )
Tanktemp preventative maintenance solutions. Most system failures and downtime are due to missed maintenance. Servicing a unit will add, on average, between 5% and 50% restored capacity and efficiencies. Chillers are a balance of airflow, glycol flow, and freon flow. Debris builds up in these systems and over time little losses cause big problems. Whether you have one of our units, or a competitor’s, we are happy to service any equipment.

To learn more about all the services we offer, head over to our website for more information: https://tanktemp.com/pages/services

Right now, we’re offering full inspection service specials for $149 ( 50% off ) to help groups in this time on your 10HP or smaller unit. Larger units, yep, we service them all up to 250HP. Have a larger unit? Call us.

Click the link to see everything we cover: Preventative Maintenance

We’ll make sure your system is running its best when you need it the most.

We service all makes and model chiller.


Look, it is 2020...We have stayed busy and we know a lot of you need a break.
Call us. We are making amazing deals on ALL units now!

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