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Posted by Tim Davis on Feb 20, 2020 1:30:00 AM
Tim Davis

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We love ideas of what you want to see from us. Tell us here…

Demo Days

Since we just told ya how cool tours are. Our shops aren't fancy, but we do a lot of cool things here. We would love it if you signed up and told us what you want to see or do. If we can, we will make that happen.  We love ideas of what you want to see from us. Tell us here… 

We invite you all out and will show you how we build chillers; the welding, brazing, wiring, and how we run test them. 

March 10th at 11:00 AM.  Please call or email to RSVP, or use the button below, as we provide lunch!

We will build a 5HP, part of one anyway.  And do what we get asked the most about, run our Duo-DX unit.  

Will show you brazing and nitrogen purging, charge a unit and go through the set up. All the things we do that we think are boring, might be new and interesting to you. 


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Specials and Deals   

We don't do trade shows, but we do have “trade show deals”

HUGE DEALS NOW! Up to 10% off selected units! These are the best deals of the year. Don't miss out! Want a deal on a chiller or install, this is the time to make a deal. 


Pre-season service special 

Now is the time for pre-season service. By March every service group starts booking up and the specials are gone!  Plus some parts on our competitor’s units can take 4-6 weeks to come in. Better to get that fixed now than be down when you need your chiller most. Click the button below to schedule your service now.



April is already pretty booked up but we have a few spots still available if service needs arise.  

February and March we are still busy, but not crazy yet. As summer gets closer, as always the busier we get. 

Please schedule service now if you want it done this year. We have seen a lot of units down that we could have prevented. 



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